Our company is headquartered in Gangwan area, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, Located in the largest port in southern Zhejiang, the location is superior and the logistics is fast and convenient. Our products are mainly used in automotive technologies such as body and chassis systems, assisted driving systems, instrumentation and cockpit data connectivity, infotainment solutions, miniaturization solutions, motor and powertrain applications, and active/passive safety systems.

We Started Our Journey Since 2004


Establish Yueqing Lianhe Electronics Co.,Ltd. Found Brand LHE Mainly  business: mold production and  connector OEM.

Reform lhe

Introduces ERP and OA system. Enter the international market.

Restructuring lhe

Additional registered capital Restructuring of Zhejiang Lianhe electronics Co.,Ltd. Establishment household appliances and auto division. Get ISO 9001  certification.

100,000,000 lhe

Get American UL, Canada CUL and European Union CE certification. Import Swiss +GF+ Archie Chamfer precision electrical processing equipments.In 2012,the output value reached ¥100,000,000

1-967644-1 2 Pin Waterproof Reversing Radar Connector

Investment ¥60 Million to Government planning Yueqing Bay 100 Billion of port industry cluster. Construction 25000㎡ Enterprise headquarters.

star lhe

Be Star enterprise of Yueqing Output value reached ¥200,000,000

2017 Born

LHE  auto division which set up a new company  for business needs. Zhejiang Lianhe Import & Export Co., Ltd. Registered capital ¥10,000,000

Change is happening, and it’s happening fast, from climate and digital transformation to customer demand and hybrid work. The speed and extent of these changes pose complex challenges which cannot be solved independently. New perspectives are needed to fit the wider social and technological, to meet the demands of our changing world. So we provide solutions that adapt to innovative advancements. As automotive systems are becoming more and more complex, the demand for these electrical connectors continues to grow. LHE are able to  meet all your connector requirement,meanwhile providing short lead times and favorable solutions. In our development history, our business has gradually expanded to South America, North America, Europe, India and Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, and has offices in Italy, Spain, and India.

LHE takes science and technology as the guide and vigorously carries out technological transformation and equipment innovation. Imported a number of high-precision electrical processing equipment and testing equipment from Germany and Japan. We strive to enhance the company’s product design, mold development and manufacturing capabilities. Most notably, the company has accumulated nearly 20 years of experience and has more than 30 experienced technicians. Be well  experienced in the development and manufacturing of precision molds, it has realized a high degree of automation from mold design and processing to assembly.

We are committed to serving our customers as every customer is unique for us. From designing and developing new products to manufacturing automation and quality control, we monitor every step of the process to ensure that we do our best to meet the request from our customer. Our prices are favorable and competitive, not maliciously tied, so that you are in position to work with us with confidence. We are always working hard to provide you with the best service. Inquiries and searches are available throughout the day.

Our solutions help connect the innovative technologies in the industrial, automotive and consumer sectors that shape the world we hold vaule today. We are also committed to becoming an excellent connector global supply chain system solution service provider, to make the world see the charm of “Made in China”.