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    The company has always attached great importance to the cultivation of talents. After more than 6 years of hard work, a pragmatic and perfect corporate culture has been formed; it has a group of senior technical management talents; it is completed from order receiving, development, design, production and service; the company pays attention to the quality control of the production process, from A complete and strict quality assurance system has been established from raw material supplier audit, incoming material inspection, production line product screening to final product inspection. In 2006, in order to actively respond to the EU “ROHS” environmental protection directive, the company carried out the conversion of ROHS materials for all series of products. The company plans to set up an internal type laboratory, which can conduct various type tests (such as aging, salt spray corrosion, insertion force, temperature rise, thermal cycle, high and low temperature, tensile strength, flame retardant, etc.) according to national standards. In order to ensure product quality and quality assurance capabilities, the company is committed to excellence, and strive to contribute to the development of China’s connector industry.