DT04-2P 2 Ways Wire To Wire Male Grey Connector

Original Part Number: DT04-2P

LHE Part Number: 101500211209

Number of Positions: 2

Contact Tab Size Series: C1.5

Size (MM): L:43.4 W:17.1 H:17.1

Seal or Unseal: Seal


LHE PN: 101500211209
Certification: TUV, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO9001, CQC, UL, ROHS
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    Guarantee the reliability of the wiring harness layout and the reliability of the layout design
    After ensuring the assembly and maintainability of the wiring harness, the reliability of the wiring harness layout design should be focused on. In the three-dimensional layout of the wire harness, the reliability of the wire harness is mainly considered from the following methods:
    Note: The following specific requirements are only the accumulation of personal work experience, and are only recommended values. In the actual work process, the specific situation should be analyzed in detail.
    ● The direction control of the wiring harness
    During the three-dimensional layout of the wire harness, the uncontrollability of the wire harness direction should be fully considered, and the reliability of the layout should be evaluated based on the actual vehicle assembly experience. The requirements for the reliability assurance of the wire harness section direction control are as follows:
    ● The distance between the wire harness and the two fixed points should not be too large, and should be controlled at about 300mm. In harsh environments such as mud and water, the fixed distance of the cable ties should not be greater than 150mm.
    ● When the wiring harness is arranged with right-angled corners, it is necessary to add fixed points on both sides of the right-angled corners. In the case of obtuse-angled corners, control according to the straight-line distance to avoid acute-angled inflection points.
    ● The branch point of the harness should be as close as possible to the fixed point of the trunk of the harness, within 100mm.
    ● The buckles and cable ties for the wire harness should be matched with the sheet metal holes, the thickness of the sheet metal, and the specifications of the projection welding studs. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the buckle directly bearing the gravity of the wire harness.
    ● The wiring harness should be arranged along the edge and along the groove to prevent the wiring harness from directly under pressure.